BMW to Produce Solid-State Batteries in Germany


Based on the blueprint provided by BMW’s technology partner Solid Power, the automobile giant intends to build its own plant in Germany to manufacture solid-state battery cells. To this end, the Solid Power has granted the automobile manufacturer in Munich a research and development license.Since 2017, the two sides have engaged in development cooperation, which now includes this new aspect.

The extended development agreement, according to Solid Power, covers the joint use of proprietary know-how in the production of solid electrodes and cells. However, it does not include a license for intellectual property related to Solid Power’s electrolyte material, which is still the US company’s primary business.

Solid Power intends to supply the automobile manufacturer with its electrolyte material for the production of the prototype cells once BMW Group has established its pilot plant. If the mutually agreed-upon milestones are met, the BMW Group will pay Solid Power a total of 20 million US dollars until June 2024.

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Both businesses are anticipated to reap significant benefits from the expanded relationship. Strong Power discusses “correlative cell advancement and assembling exercises” that the two accomplices mean to acknowledge to additionally work on the presentation of Strong Power’s innovation. The design and production know-how with regard to solid-state cells has been the subject of the granted license.

According to Frank Weber, a member of BMW AG’s Board of Management, the company is still committed to pursuing all-solid-state batteries, a technology we believe has significant future potential. He added that, they anticipate expanding their partnership with Solid Power and adding the capability to manufacture solid-state cells based on Solid Power’s designs at our own pilot facility. As a result of this agreement, BMW anticipate that the installation of their solid-state battery line and the mutual objective of their businesses to commercialize this promising cell technology will be accelerated.

According to Solid Power’s chief operating officer Derek Johnson, is an additional endorsement of Solid Power’s technology development. He added that, Solid Power has started producing its most memorable electric vehicle cells and transportation 20-ah cells to accomplices, including BMW to begin testing. Ford is also one of the parties interested.


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