Study: Loss of Taste and Smell is Good News for COVID-19 Survivors


Over the past few years, the novel coronavirus infection has caused a number of side effects, including loss of taste and smell, which typically affects daily activities and lives.

However, a recent study demonstrates that the COVID-19 survivor actually benefits from losing their sense of taste and smell, indicating a robust immune response. The review directed by the analysts from Columbia University showed that COVID-19 survivors who have encountered loss of taste and smell were twice as prone to have antibodies long after the contamination.

A total of 306 adults who were infected with COVID-19 during the initial months of the pandemic were included in the study. Approximately two-thirds of the COVID-19 infected adults reported experiencing a loss of taste and smell.

The members in the review were additionally welcomed for an immunizer blood test somewhere around fourteen days after their Coronavirus contamination had passed, and the Coronavirus neutralizer levels wavered over the long haul. Because of this, people with COVID-19 eventually test negative for the proteins that fight COVID-19.

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The study found that COVID-19 antibodies were present in 71% of adults who reported experiencing a loss of taste or smell. Only 57% individuals who did not report loss of taste and smell tried positive for the Coronavirus battling antibodies.


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