Aera Technology Named Top Tech Startup in Logistic Space and Supply Chain of 2022


The Decision Intelligence company Aera Technology has announced that it has been selected as a 2022 Top Tech Startup by Food Logistics. Food Logistics is a publication that tracks product movement through the global cold food supply chain. The award recognizes software and technology startups that are driving innovation in the logistics and supply chain space.

Aera Technology makes it possible to digitize, automate, and enhance decision making in real time by providing an internet-scale Decision Intelligence platform. The company’s Aera Decision Cloud platform and Aera Cognitive Skills allow for the seamless scaling of decision-making across functions and processes, transactional systems, and existing planning.

The client base of Aera Innovation incorporates large numbers of the greatest brands across medical care and life sciences, purchaser bundled merchandise, assembling, petrochemical, and that’s just the beginning. According to Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief of Food Logistic and Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the majority of technology startups are poised to disrupt the supply chain industry from seed funding rounds to the launch of new solutions.

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Marina Mayers added that they are also introducing new innovations with the goal of creating a smarter, safer, and more effective supply chain and enhancing user experiences. She went on to say that the development of such innovative technologies has an impact on the supply chain industry’s future, and he is very excited to see what the company does next.


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