Meta Launches New Tool to Stop Spread of Terror Content


Meta launches new Hasher-Matcher-Actioner (HMA), a brand-new open-source software tool, and the software will assist Meta platforms in preventing the dissemination of content that promotes terrorism, exploits children, and a variety of other violations. The platforms will also be able to use HMA to search for content that violates the law and take any necessary action.

HMA also builds on Meta’s earlier open-source software for matching images and videos, which can be used for any kind of illegal content. In 2021, Meta will invest approximately $5 billion worldwide in security and safety, employing over 40,000 people.

According to Meta, within that, they have a group of individuals who are dedicated to the fight against terrorism. Their expertise spans law enforcement, national security, counterterrorism intelligence, and academic research on radicalization.

Platforms can use the existing hash databases and create and manage their own databases with the new software tool. Consequently, the platforms does not have to save the abusing content themselves, and can run all the content through the databases they use to recognize posts disregarding the principles of the stages. Before taking over for the Global Internet Forum to Combat Terrorism (GIFCT) board, Meta quickly distributed the software tool.


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