Meta Introduces Avatars in WhatsApp


Meta has now made the same avatars available for WhatsApp after introducing them for Instagram and Facebook. For a more individualized chatting experience, users will be able to send WhatsApp Avatars as stickers with this feature.

WhatsApp Avatars, which will be a customized version of the user and can be shared as stickers (there are more than 36 sticker options available), as well as used as a profile picture.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear in an official statement that they are bringing avatars to WhatsApp. Now the users can use their avatars as stickers in chats, and more styles will soon be available across all of their apps. Using a variety of facial features, hairstyles, clothing options, and other options that match the user’s appearance, WhatsApp avatars can be created. Avatars on WhatsApp ought to be identical to those on Instagram and Facebook.

To improve avatars, WhatsApp will continue to introduce new features like shading, lighting, hairstyles, textures, and more. As of now, avatars are accessible to all users worldwide.

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The app’s avatars are unavailable to some users, but the rollout is expected to happen gradually.


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