Dyson Launches Zone Air-Purifying Headphones at $949


The company has withheld some information regarding the Zone noise-canceling and air-purifying headphones that it announced earlier in 2022. In particular, Dyson did not provide any information regarding the headphones’ battery life, availability, or cost.

Dyson made that announcement on December 7, 2022, on Wednesday. Before the new headphones are available in demo stores and on the Dyson website in the United States, pre-orders can only be placed by appointment. Dyson will offer the wearable in two colors in the United States: Ultra Blue/Orussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper. Only the company itself will be able to sell the product.

A soft pouch, an in-flight adaptor kit, and a second electrostatic carbon filter are among the extras included with the headphone. In addition to the distinctive Zone visor, each Dyson model comes equipped with a separate cleaning brush.

Dyson claims that the headphones’ electrostatic filters can last approximately 12 months before needing to be replaced. The dual-layer construction of these filters makes use of potassium-enriched carbon to capture a number of acidic gases like ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.

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The business asserts that the filters will prevent 99 percent of harmful particles from entering the air, including those as small as 0.1 microns. The headphones’ battery life will be affected by how much the Zone’s air filtration feature is used. If the visor is not in use, the headphones’ battery can last for approximately 50 hours on a single charge.

The headphones can be charged using USB-C, and Dyson says that it will take about three hours to charge the battery completely. Because of this, people will have to be careful about when they use the visor.


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