Indian Economy to Grow to $40-Trillion By 2047, says Mukesh Ambani


Mukesh Ambani, the chairperson of Reliance Industries said that the Indian economy will grow 13 fold from its current size to become a 40-trillion dollars economy by 2017. This will primarily be driven by a clean energy revolution and digitalization, said Mukesh Ambani.

The estimate of Mukesh Ambani for the economy of India that currently is the 5th largest economy in the world only behind Germany, Japan, China, and the US, is more optimistic than that of the richest man in Asia, Gautam Adani, who stated that India will become a 30-trillion dollars economy by 2050 on back of socio-economic reforms and growing consumption.

Mukesh Ambani said that the Indian economy will grow to become a 40 trillion-dollar economy by 2047 from a 3-trillion dollars economy, and India will be ranking among the top three economies of the world. Mukesh Ambani continued by saying that between now and 2047 when India will be celebrating 100 years of independence, India will experience unprecedented growth and opportunities.

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According to the chairman of Reliance Industries, three game-changing revolutions, including the bio-energy revolution, the clean energy revolution, and the digital revolution, will govern the growth of India in the upcoming decades.

Mukesh Ambani added that while the clean energy revolution and the bio-energy revolution produce energy sustainability, the digital revolution will enable them to consume energy efficiently, and all three revolutions will help both India and the world save their planet from the climate crisis.


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