Yubo Expands real-time Audio Moderation to Australia, Canada and UK

Business Technology

Yubo, a social livestreaming app that is popular with a Gen Z audience, announced it is expanding its audio moderation technology to Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. The company, based in Paris, France first launched the technology in the United States in early 2022 in partnership with Hive.

According to Yubo, the technology has proven to be effective at detecting potential real-world risk like violence to others. The audio moderation technology works by recording and automatically transcribing snippets of audio in the livestreams of 10 or more people.

The text is the scanned automatically using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect problematic content, such as drug use. Yubo sends alert pop-ups to tell the users that they are actually doing something inappropriate on the app.

Only text that contains phrases or words that violate the policies of the app are flagged for review by Yubo, and the incidents are then investigated in real time to determine actions that should be taken, says Yubo. According to Yubo, transcripts with no suspected violations are automatically deleted after 24 hours, and the flagged transcripts require internal investigation.

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Marc-Antoine Durand, COO of Yubo, said that their expansion of audio moderation technology is not only an important element of the safety product roadmap of Yubo, but a critical development in the expansion of parameters of the industry-wide online safety.


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