Europe to Import 800,000 China-Built Cars by 2025


According to analysts, by 2025, around 800,000 cars built in China could possibly be offered in Europe, and most of the vehicles will be fully electric. Such growth will flip Europe into an internet importer of automobiles, and a 2025 import surplus of more than 221,000 automobiles, and in 2015, Europe exported around 1.7 million automobiles.

This shift comes as automobile manufacturers of China enhance market share, and on the identical time, the European auto producers build extra electric vehicles in China. Of the potential 800,000 China-built cars, around 33,000 vehicles can be reminiscent of BMW, Tesla, and the Renault Group.

Analysts said that while Chinese automobile producers are selling more electric vehicles in Europe, both American and European car producers are increasingly shifting their electric vehicle production to China. Chinese automobile companies are seeking to consolidate their foothold in Europe.

Felix Kuhnert, associate and automotive chief at PwC Germany, said that European Automobile companies continued to face supply chain points, and they have been specializing in developing more-expensive electric vehicles in Europe.

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Felix Kuhnert added that Chinese automobile companies have optimized and developed their products in the domestic market, due to which they are now bringing affordable battery electric vehicle models, with the latest innovative technology, and novel concepts to Europe.


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