EE North America, Elio Energy to Develop 2-GW Solar Power Plant in Arizona

Power & Energy

A leading renewable energy developer, EE North America, announced that it partnered with Elio Energy to develop a pipeline of two gigwatts (GW) of solar power production and energy storage in the region of Arizona and surrounding states with solar energy projects expected to begin construction gradually in 2023 and 2025.

The partnership with Elio Energy is another major step forward in the growth story of EE North America. This new energy portfolio will provide the clean energy that customers demand while making a significant contribution to meeting net-zero goals in the region, said CEO of EE North America Lorena Ciciriello. Lorena Cicirello added that they are looking forward to working with Elio Energy on the future of energy in Arizona.

This partnership with EE North America will accelerate the development of solar energy and storage projects in Arizona and its surrounding states by providing financial security and will also support the renewable energy procurement goals of the company, said Daven Mehta, chief executive officer of Elio Energy. Elio Energy has a large pre-development pipeline and is on its way towards achieving its goals in support of EE North America.

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EE North America has also announced its entrance into the United States energy market, leveraging its expertise in renewable energy project development, and several partnerships with other companies across the globe.

The ambition of EE North America is to develop 10 gigawatts of renewable energy in the United States by 2026, with providing support to state and local governments across the United States to achieve their net-zero targets.  


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