Kherson is without water and electricity because of Ukraine war


The Moscow-installed government announced on Telegram that there is currently no water or electricity supply in Kherson and a few other locations in the area.

According to the report, the damage was caused by an attack on the Berislav-Kakhovka highway, attacked by the Ukrainian side and involved three concrete high-voltage power poles.

 The Russian-backed authorities stated that energy experts were working to “immediately” repair the problem while urging citizens to “stay calm.” Following claims that a Ukrainian strike “damaged” the Kakhovka dam in the Russian-controlled Kherson region, news of the outrage broke.

At the beginning of their offensive, Mosforces grabbed the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in southern Ukraine. It provides water to Crimea, which Russia has annexed.

Russian forces have been bombarding Ukraine’s infrastructure with missiles and explosives drones for weeks as a significant Ukrainian ground offensive-supported by Western arms shipments-has forced Russian troops back over large areas of the nation.