BMW Tests 5G Positioning with Nokia and Vodafone at Leipzig Factory


Automobile giant BMW is testing high-accuracy indoor positioning (HAIP) services with Vodafone Germany and Nokia over a 5G campus network at BMW’s Leipzig factory, which is the company’s premier site to test new edge 5G and artificial intelligence capabilities.

This new technology is being used to locate tools, cars, machines, and spare parts at the site. The announcement follows deals made with the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) to establish a private 5G testbed for the development of various AI and IoT diagnostic solutions for remote healthcare monitoring, and with BASF to operate a private 5G testbed at the production site of the German chemical company.

The new HAIP test project with BMW is intended to increase the quality of product and automation at the factory. The project is specifically focused on two areas, including the assembly hall and the logistics centre. BMW’s Leipzig plant is home to 5,300 employees, and it produces around 1,000 vehicles per day.

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In a statement, Vodafone Germany announced that for the first time, a new type of 5G positioning system is being used under live conditions, and that it could become the most important 5G positioning system in the future.


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