UK Space Agency invests 15-Million Pounds in Satellite Communications


Nusrat Ghani, science minister of the United Kingdom has launched a new 15 million pounds fund for the UK businesses to revolutionise satellite communications technology. The competition is open to the companies that are developing ambitious technologies across the satellite communications ecosystems.

This fund will prioritise customer needs, with supporting sustainable growth, and catalyse further investment into the space industry of the United Kingdom that already employs 47,000 people.

The ideas can focus on creation of a completely new satellite constellations, with ground systems, and also delivering new services to customers, and it will be funded through the leading role of UK Space Agency in the European Space Agency (ESA) programme called as Advanced Research in Telecommunications Services (ARTES).

This funding package is announced as the science minister of the United Kingdom travels to Rome and Italy, to Josef Aschbacher, director general of ESA.

Nusrat Ghani said that she is proud to be representing the United Kingdom space industry as they discuss their ambitions ahead of the ESA Council of Minister in November 2022. They are also planning to make new funding available now to strengthen the position of UK as a world leader in the Satellite communications market.


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