Test Shows, Microsoft’s Army Goggles Left Soldiers with Nausea, and Headache in the US

Healthcare Technology

According to tests, the US soldiers using new goggles by Microsoft Corp. in their latest field test have suffered mission-affecting physical impairments, including headaches, nausea, and eyestrain. More than 80 percent of the people who have experienced discomfort had symptoms after three hours of using the customized version of the HoloLens goggles developed by Microsoft.

The problems identified in the testing in May and June 2022 were outlined in a report this month. The US Army has marked it as Controlled Unclassified Information to prevent public distribution. Despite the flaws in the devices, Nickolas Guertin, director of operation test and evaluation, said that the US Army prioritizes improvements before the deployment to decrease the physical discomfort of the users.

Nickolas Guertin added that the improvements are also needed to the low-light sensors of the goggles, with displaying clarity, poor reliability, and field of vision of some essential functions. The reliability of the latest model has improved for a key metric, and the soldiers and leaders also reported that the latest version has enhanced navigation and coordination of the unit’s movements.

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The test results will be monitored closely by lawmakers as they decide whether to approve the 424.2 million dollars proposed by the US Army to spend on the program this year.


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