Lexus, 2023 Toyota Infotainment will Understand Voice Commands Offline with Google Cloud

Automobile Technology

Most 2023 Toyota and Lexus vehicles have an upgraded infotainment system that is available that works with Google Cloud services to provide voice assistance even when they are offline.

This new partnership with Toyota Audio Multimedia and Lexus Interface means cars such as the new Toyota Corolla, Sequoia, Tundra, and Lexus NX, electric RZ, and Lexus RX do not need an online connection for in-vehicle voice commands. The new systems use Google Cloud to bring the processing into the car.

Google calls the technology as Speech On-Device, and Toyota is bringing the on-device technology into its next-gen Toyota Voice Assistant across its Lexus and Toyota new vehicle lineups.

This technology gives access to voice commands all the time, including dead zones and many remote areas. It is based on Pixel and Google Assistant voice systems that can understand natural language cues, and the people do not have sound such as robots when seeking information about the closest coffee shop and charging station.

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The partnership between Google Cloud and Toyota, aims to drive future innovation with the addition of Speech On-Device, which is a new Google Cloud AI product that has embedded devices with similar powerful, and artificial intelligence-based speech recognition available in the cloud technology.


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