Reports: Samsung Aims to Produce World’s Most Advanced Chips in 5 years


Samsung Electronics Co. announced a five-year plan to lure US chip buyers with more advanced technology, and is aiming to produce transistors that are just 1.4 nanometers wide by 2027.

Moonsoo Kang, senior VP of Samsung Electronics, said that the chip contract manufacturing unit is looking to triple its revenue by 2027 from the 2021 level. Moonsoo Kang added that to get there, the business will now need to make many technological leaps and further inroads in the United States market for the outsourced chips.

Samsung is the largest chip producer in the world by revenue, but Samsung’s foundry business is playing catch-up with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which has a commanding lead in the market and top production capabilities.

Samsung executives said that the percentage of functioning chips per production run, is now among the best in the industry. Samsung is racing to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and is aiming to take the lead in advanced chip making by starting mass production of second-generation 3 nanometer chips in 2024. This initiative will set the stage for the 1.4 nanometer products in two year’s time.

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This new semiconductor manufacturing plant is likely to use the latest manufacturing methods like 3 nanometer technology.


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