Valens Semiconductor, Intel Partner to Boost Automotive MIPI A-PHY Implementations


Valens Semiconductor announced a partnership with Intel to develop MIPI A-PHY complaint automotive technologies for foundry customers, along with leveraging the expertise of Valens Semiconductor as a leading contributor to MIPI A-PHY technology.

The partnership will provide an additional boost to the growing A-PHY ecosystem by allowing third parties from across the automobile industry to accelerate time to market for A-PHY systems, from ASCIs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to System of Chips solutions, based on the design and fabrication of Intel Foundry Services (IFS).

MIPI A-PHY is rapidly emerging as one of the most resilient standards for connectivity, advancing AD, ADAS, IVI, and several other automobile applications. It majorly simplifies the mixture of radar, lidar, and cameras for limited and full vehicle autonomy, while also improving connectivity for infotainment displays and high-resolution safety.

Nivruti Rai, vice president of Intel Foundry Services and general manager of IFS Automotive Solutions Group, said that their main priority at Intel Foundry Services is to invest in disruptive technologies that can help their customers accelerate time to market.

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Gideon Kedem, senior VP and head of automotive at Valens Semiconductor, said MIPI A-PHY is the most robust and resilient automotive connectivity technology available. Their partnership with Intel will allow additional auto chip producers to join the growing MIPI A-PHY ecosystem.  


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