Amazon Plans to Shut Several Call Centres in the US


According to reports, Amazon Inc. is planning to close several call centres in the United States of America, in a move toward remote working. The shift to remote working across most industries was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic with cloud technology call centre companies such as Five9, which is seeing a boom in business.

Amazon, which is the largest online retailer in the world, is also encouraging its customer service employees at several call centres in the United States of America to work from home in a move that will save money on the real estate industry.

According to a report, Amazon Web Services, which is a cloud computing division of Amazon Inc., also sells Amazon Connect software that enables companies to serve their customers using remote networks.

A spokesperson for Amazon Inc., the company is closely working with the employees to make sure their transition to remote working is seamless, but the spokesperson did not comment in the planned closures of the call centres on the United States.  


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