Electric Car Charging Point Cost Increased by 40% in UK

Automobile Business

The price of charging electric vehicles using a public rapid charger has increased by around 10 pounds since May 2022, due to the increasing energy costs after invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The increased price of electricity and gas has pushed up the price to charge an average family-size car by 42 percent to over 32 pounds.

The United Kingdom plans to ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars after 2035, but most companies in the industry have expressed concerns regarding barriers preventing some people from switching to electric vehicles. The availability and price of public chargers are the main concerns, specifically in cities.

This recent increase in electricity prices has diminished the price advantage that electric vehicles have over the polluting internal combustion engines, and for people who completely rely on public chargers because they do not have a private parking facility at home.

According to reports, the average cost per mile for some cars is limited only to rapid and ultra-rapid public chargers, which are mainly used on motorway services. For those, who are able to rely on home charging, the average cost per mile will be limited to 9 pounds, after the new government of the United Kingdom introduced price controls on energy.


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