Tesla Forced to Change Autopilot in Germany


The Autopilot features of Tesla are changed in Germany by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), and the Autopilot features of Tesla are not the same everywhere. That is partly due to the own approach of Tesla that relies on data from its fleet to improve Autopilot features, and a lot of that particular data is coming from North America, especially California.

This results in the system performing better in some places than in other places. But the regulations are also preventing Tesla from deploying some of Tesla’s Autopilot features in several markets, including in Europe.

The Autopilot feature of Tesla is again being affected by regulations. The automobile company has partly fixed the problems with a software update, but there are still many problems. In an investigation by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) into Tesla, the company can claim a partial success.

According to a KBA spokesperson, the KBA carried out tests on Tesla vehicles as part of its market surveillance and has also found abnormalities. They have already been partially remedied by the automobile manufacturer.

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The President of KBA said that the agency is waiting for information from Tesla, and might intervene if it does not receive it. He said if they do not receive any information, they cannot rule out the system that does not comply with the rules.


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