UK Healthcare Officials Expect COVID-19 Booster Vaccines Soon


UK healthcare officials are expecting to have new COVID-19 booster vaccine shots that are ones made specifically to protect against new Omicron COVID-19 variants by the beginning of next week.

Vince Venditto, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky, said the original COVID-19 vaccine actually gave them pretty good protection, but this specific version with the Omicron COVID-19 variants in it, and gives them a slightly better response to what is circulating right now.

Vince Venditto said it is hard to find anyone that does not want COVID-19 to be over. He said that he is exhausted with COVID-19, and wants to be done. He think everybody wants this to be done, but it is very important that they continue to stay vigilant.

Jim Hallahan, UK Healthcare Assistant Director of Pharmacy Operations, said the updated COVID-19 boosters will be available in coming days. They have a tendency to pick up a lot more viruses, and the viruses spread between school and children, and then it spreads in the community itself.

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Less than 50 percent of vaccinated people in Kentucky has got a booster COVID-19 vaccine shot so far. But Vince Venditto said it is important to keep COVID-19 virus from having more damaging effects, and it will help them keep the strain on hospitals down heading into the winter.


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