US: Tesla Record 105% Sales Growth in August, 2022

Automobile Business

In August 2022, Tesla, US EV giant, sold 47,629 cars in the United States market, an increased from the 23,140 units sold in 2021. Also, the latest sales result of Tesla marks around 11 percent sales growth compared to July 2022. Tesla appeared to continue its monthly growth momentum.

Tesla posted a record 105.8 percent growth in 2022 compared to 2021. With these sales numbers, Tesla will be able to ramp up its market share to 4.1 percent in 2022, up from 2.1 percent in 2021, and Tesla will be able to inch closer to the market share of Volkswagen and Nissan in 2022.

However, the market share of Tesla in the United States is still far behind General Motor’s 16.4 percent. Not only in the United States, but Tesla is also doing well in several other countries. In Australia, it outsold the most popular Toyota Camry and became the fourth best-selling vehicle in Australia in August 2022.

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In China, Tesla has been producing and selling cars faster than ever. Tesla has sold 77,000 units of Model Y and Model 3 combined in August 2022 alone. In Europe, the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are still the most popular electric vehicles, and it only controls around 7 percent of the plug-in hybrid vehicle market share in Europe.  


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