GoodMills Innovation Launches VITATEX Vegan Snack Mix Ingredient

Consumer Goods

GoodMills Innovation has launched VITATEX Vegan-Snack-Mix, a premix for the meatballs and burgers, as well as the snack fillings and savory bakery, based on wheat proteins. This mix is specially adapted for production in the bakery, and products with the Vegan-Snack-Mix have been characterized by an authentic meat flour.

Vegetarian and vegan products are now part of daily life, with plant-based meat alternatives, which are becoming increasingly popular. Butchers and bakers, along with snack counters, canteens, bistros, and other food service providers, are expanding the range of their products to meet the growing demand.

With the VITATEX, the company offers a wheat protein-based mix for the production of meatballs and burgers, as well as snack and bakery fillings. Producers who want to give their products an individual touch can also refine the mixture with some additional spices and fresh ingredients with their own ideas.

However, more and more consumers are giving up meat, and they certainly have no intention of sacrificing their indulgence, so the meat alternatives have to meet the high standards. The VITATEX Vegan-Snack-Mix is suitable as a basis for vegetarian product concepts, and can be expanded with the appropriate ingredients.


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