Testing of BMW M Hybrid V8 Continues in the US


To have completed a multitude of test programs at the racetracks in Europe where the important data was obtained to solve all the initial problems, the BMW M Hybrid V8 will now undergo testing in the United States, starting in September 2022.

During the testing in Spain and Italy, the engineers have placed a focus on system checks, and the first topic related to the performance. The vehicles was put through its paces in a wide range of the weather conditions, which includes the tests carried out at night.

Since the testing started, BMW has reported that, the M Hybrid V8 does not suffer from any of the fundamental problems, and only small issued that have now been identified and adapted for the upcoming tests.

Starting in September 2022, the teams of the BMW M Motorsport and BMW M team RLL will be conducting further testing programs at circuits across the United States, along with the performance and reliability.

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Andreas Roos, head of the BMW M Motorsport, said the first weeks of testing with the BMW M Hydrid V8 have gone well. He also said they have successfully completed a lot of kilometres, during which they have uncovered the first weakness that are totally normal with a new car, and they have also solved some of the weaknesses.


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