Israel’s EV Charging Systems to Deploy in the US and Europe

Automobile Technology

Zooz Power, an Israeli company, which has developed a fast electric vehicle (EV) charging system based on the technology known as Kinetic flywheel, is pressing ahead with the first commercial deals in the US, Israel, and Europe.

The system developed by the company, takes energy from the grid to spin around eight steel wheels per unit, 17,000 times per minute. Each wheel is weighing around half a ton. This process is converting electrical energy into the kinetic energy.

When a vehicle comes to recharge, the spinning is slowed down for changing the kinetic energy back into electrical energy, and to flush the electrical energy into the battery of the vehicle at such an intensity that the battery is fully recharged in around 15 minutes.

Boaz Weizer, chief executive officer of Zooz Power, likened the intense recharging boost delivered by the system of the company to flush a toilet for releasing lots of water rapidly.

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Boaz Weizer said by using physics rather than chemistry, the kinetic recharger mainly avoids the environmental issues like massive water use, and pollution associated with the extraction of lithium. Unlike lithium batteries, the kinetic system keeps on producing the same level of electricity.

According to a sustainability analyst, the system’s carbon footprint of Zooz Power produces 23 times less carbon dioxide emission per KWh than a lithium-ion battery.

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