Bayer Launched Sustainable Agriculture Hub to Connect US Farmers, Fuel and Food Makers


Bayer AG, a maker of agricultural seeds and chemicals, has launched a digital agriculture hub that it claims will help US farmers implement environmentally friendly practices, and also connect them with the companies that are looking for more sustainable food, biofuel, and feed ingredients.

This new initiative will assist the seed and chemical giants in diversifying their revenue stream by capitalizing on an effort for farm data collection. The ForGround platform of Bayer AG will use soil, weather, seed, and farming practice data to make recommendations on how growers can improve soil health, decrease emissions, and use fewer water and chemicals.

According to Bayer, the environmental outcomes will then be certified by a third-part verification, allowing the farmers to potentially sell their grain for a premium. This program will also allow the food producers and biofuel manufacturers to create incentive programmes for the farmers to grow crops in a way that will help the companies meet their environmental goals.

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Bayer will also charge companies a fee for the services, and will also make money from the farmers through chemical and seed sales, as well as subscriptions to the data platforms. The launch will primarily target agriculture in the United States, but Bayer is also planning to expand it to other countries.


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