Food tsar, UK Must Decrease Meat Intake to Avoid Climate Breakdown


According to the food tsar of the UK government, the only way to have sustainable land use in the United Kingdom, and avoid ecological breakdown, is to widely decrease the consumption of meat and dairy products.

Henry Dimbleby, said that, however, asking the public to eat less meat, which is supported by a mix of incentives and penalties, and will be politically toxic, was the only way to meet the biodiversity and climate targets of the United Kingdom.

Henry Dimbleby said that it is an incredibly efficient use of land to grow the crops, with feeding them to a pig or chicken, which then, over the lifecycle of the UK government, converts them into a very small amount of protein for them to eat.

Currently, around 85 percent of agricultural land in the United Kingdom is used for pasture for grazing animals like cows and to growing food, which is then fed to the livestock.

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Henry Dimbleby added that if they fail on this, they will fail to meet their biodiversity and climate goals in the United Kingdom, and they also have a large opportunity to show leadership across the world, and also show them that this can be done, and they can farm sustainability and still feed people.


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