Ferrari Recalls Over 23,000 Cars for Possible Brake Failure in the US


Ferrari announced it is recalling more than 23,000 vehicles for a braking system defect that can keep the spendy speedsters from stopping. According to recall, which was filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the issue is affecting cars across the Ferrari stable, with some cars manufactured in 2005.

For a company that typically sells fewer than 10,000 cars each year, the scope of the recall is large. The main culprit appears to be the cap to the brake fluid reservoir on the vehicle, and the cap can fail to vent, allowing an excess of pressure inside the brake lines. In turn, that pressure can cause a brake line to burst, causing a total or partial loss of braking capability when the pedal is pushed towards the floor.

In a letter sent to the owner of the cars, Ferrari of North America said the problem will be repaired free of charge, once the parts are available. The company also said that any car should be taken off the road, if a warning for low-brake-fluid appears on the dash. Ferrari also reminded the owners of the vehicles that they can use the emergency parking brake.


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