Report: Sexual Dysfunction and Hair Loss Add Symptoms to the Long COVID-19 List


According to a new study, sexual dysfunction and hair loss have joined the list of symptoms for people with long-term COVID-19. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported in June 2022, two million people in the United Kingdom are also estimated to be suffering from long COVID-19.

Of those two million people, 1.4 million said they first had novel coronavirus and suspected they had the sickness, and at least 12 weeks previously, while 826,000 first had it a year earlier. Another 376,000 people said they first had COVID-19 at least two years ago.

New research, based on the anonymised health records of 2.4 million people in the United Kingdom, which was conducted at the University of Birmingham, is also being published in the journal Nature Medicine, and has found several new symptoms.

According to the ONS, the rates of COVID-19 are highest among women, those aged 25 to 69 years, people living in more deprived areas, people working in social care, teaching, education, or healthcare, and those with other health conditions and disabilities.

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Fatigue still continues to be the most common symptom of long COVID-19, which is experienced by 55 percent of the people with self-reported long COVID-19 followed by 32 percent with shortness of breath, 23 percent with muscle aches, and 23 percent with a cough.


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