Estonia’s Skeleton to Build Supercapacitor Factory in Germany


Skeleton Technologies, energy storage technology company based in Estonia will build a new factory, which is planned by Siemens, for producing supercapacitors in Germany, and the production will begin in 2024. Just like batteries, supercapacitors are used to store and release energy, but in small quantity and fast speed.

Skeleton Technologies uses aluminium and a carbon material, which it produces in Estonia to make the supercapacitors, along with recouping energy produced naturally, like through a vehicle braking and releasing it faster than the lithium-ion batteries.

The factory in Germany, will be largest factory in Europe, and will produce 12 million cells per year, and 8 million of the cells will be smaller cells for passenger vehicles and 4 million cells are larger cells for the energy grid and heavy-duty transportation.

Skeleton Technologies will also invest 220 million euros in the factory, and at the moment, the company, which already operates a small site near the region of Dresden producing around 300,000 cells, and is primarily serving clients in heavy-duty transport or grid management like SkodaElectric and ZPUE of Poland.

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The company has signed contracts with many car producers of Germany and letter of intent with Japanese manufacturing companies, and a spokesperson of Skeleton Technologies has declined to name the companies because of the agreements.


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