UK Declared National Emergency as Record High Temperatures Predicted


Met Office weather forecaster of Britain has declared a national emergency by issuing a red warning of extreme heat for parts of England for the upcoming week when the temperatures can possibly reach record highs.

The Met Office said exceptional and record-breaking temperatures are likely to be recorded in the week, and the nights are also likely to be warm for the United Kingdom, especially in the urban areas of the country. This is likely going to lead to large impacts on the infrastructure and people.

Earlier this week the Health Agency Body of the United Kingdom and Met Office has issued a level 3 heat-health alert for some parts of the United Kingdom, which mainly requires social and healthcare services to take extra measures to protect the vulnerable people.

The red or level alert has been defined on the website of Met Office when a heatwave is so serious and prolonged that the effects of the heatwave extend outside of the health and social care system of the United Kingdom. At this particular level, deaths and illness might occur among the fit and healthy people, and not just in the high-risk people.


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