Homes Receive Traceable Renewable Energy via P2P Exchange in UK

Power & Energy

The households across the United Kingdom have been the first to sign up as part of a new peer-to-peer (P2P) energy exchange programme for the purpose of receiving traceable renewable energy from the local sources.

The programme, which is a collaboration between Rebel Energy and UrbanChain, is aiming to provide 100 percent green energy to the homes in the United Kingdom and driving the energy transition of the country amid a cost-of-loving crisis.

Over 3000 homes in the United Kingdom have already joined this new form of energy provision and will be able to trace the source of their energy to the UK site where it had been produced, through a unique artificial intelligence and blockchain platform.

Rebel Energy will supply energy while UrbanChain is running the P2P exchange. Dan Bates, chief executive officer of Rebel Energy, said the only way to move the energy transition forward is to decentralize the production of energy.

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Dan Bates said people increasingly want to know how exactly their energy is generated or produced so that they can possibly make informed choices, and they are also working together to make the electricity supplied to the customers completely traceable to the company’s UK farm where it was produced.

According to the reports, the normal way for people of the United Kingdom to receive electricity is from the National Grid, but only around 40 percent is currently produced from the renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro.


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