Meta Launches Sphere to Make Wikipedia Entries More Accurate


Meta announced a new tool called Sphere, an artificial intelligence technology built around the concept of tapping the large repository of information on the open web for the purpose of providing a knowledge base for artificial intelligence and several other systems to work on.

Meta says, the first user of Sphere is Wikipedia, which is using the technology to automatically scan entries and identify when citations in the entities of the company are strongly and weakly supported. The research team has open sourced Sphere, which is currently based on 134 million public web pages.

The main idea behind using Sphere for Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia has 6.5 million entries and is one the average of seeing some 17,000 articles that are added each month. The Wikipedia concept behind this means effectively adding and editing the content, which is crowd sourced.

While there is team of editors, who are tasked with overseeing that, it is a daunting task that grows by the day, not just because of that size but due to its mandate, considering how many people, along with increasingly educators and several other institutions, which rely on it as a repository of record.

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To be clear, the announcements about Meta working with Wikipedia do not refer Wikimedia Enterprise, but is generally adding in more tools for Wikipedia to ensure that the content is verified and accurate will be something that potential customers of the service will want to know while considering paying for the service.

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