UK Could Force Messaging Apps to Adopt Technology for Scanning Child Sexual Abuse Images


Under the new changes to the digital safety legislation of the United Kingdom, the heavily encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp can be required to adopt the cutting-edge technology for spotting material related to child sexual abuse or facing the threat of significant fines.

The amendment to the online safety bill will require technology companies to use their best endeavours to deploy the new technology that removes and identifies child sexual abuse and exploitation content (CSAE).

The announcement comes as Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps have prepared to introduce end-to-end encryption, amid strong and serious opposition from the government of the United Kingdom, which has been describing the plans as not acceptable.

The home secretary of the United Kingdom, said child sexual abuse has been a sickening crime. They all must work to make sure criminals are not allowed to run rampant online and the technology companies should play their part and take responsibility for keeping their children safe.

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He added that, privacy and security are not manually exclusive, and currently they need both, and they can have both and that is what this new amendment has been delivering. The child safety campaigners have warned that heavy encryption will prevent law enforcement, and technology platforms, from seeing illegal messages by making sure that only the recipient and sender can view their content, which is a process as end-to-end encryption.

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