UK Government Unveil Plan to Tackle Airport Crisis


Ministers of the United Kingdom have unveiled a plan to provide help in tackling the airport staffing crisis after a day of future cancellations at the Heathrow raised anxiety over the ability of the industry to cope with this summer.

Grant Shapps, transport secretary of the United Kingdom, said the government had set out how it had been backing aviation and it was now up to airports and airlines to set the realistic schedules. The Labour Party has accused Grant Shapps of going missing in action during months of turmoil since the chaotic scenes at Easter along with easyJet and British Airways now have cancelled thousands of flights to try to ward off the last-minute cancellations.

Thousands more passengers had their travel plans upset after Heathrow airport ordered airlines to cancel the flights because it cannot handle the numbers of because of travel. The busiest airport of the United Kingdom has made a rare schedule intervention leading to 30 flights being scrapped during the peak. Some passengers did not find out their flights had been cancelled until they arrived at Heathrow airport.

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A spokesperson for Heathrow airport, said the airport has asked the airlines to remove 30 flights from the morning peak as it had been expecting more passengers than it had the capacity to serve. He said, there were enough staff in all areas across the airport to guarantee proper journeys for the number of passengers in the morning peak.


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