CDC Opens Monkeypox Center As Europe Start Vaccinations


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the purpose of better addressing the outbreak of the monkeypox disease.

The US CDC said that, the activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will allow the agency to further increase the operational support to response for the purpose of meeting the continuous evolving challenges of the monkeypox outbreak. The center has been home to over 300 staffs of the CDC working in partnership with the local, national and the international response partners on the public health challenges.

As the immunization efforts start in the continent of Europe, Spain has become the first European Union country to receive the delivery of the vaccine to treat monkeypox disease, which was ordered by the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) of the European Commission in response to the rapidly increasing outbreak, which is mainly affecting gay or bisexual men.

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Primarily, 5,300 doses of the vaccine are going to arrive in Spain out of the total 109,090 doses that are procured from Bavarian Nordic. The vaccines are going to be administered in the ring vaccination programs, which will be focusing on the healthcare personnel and the close contacts of the cases, who are at more risk of contracting the monkeypox virus.

This is first time HERA has purchased the vaccine for the member nations of the European Union, and the doses are going to be distributed based on the population of the countries.


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