EDF Renewables North America and Ameren Missouri Partnered For Huck Finn Solar Energy Project

Power & Energy

The EDF Renewables North America and Ameren Missouri, which is a subsidiary of the Ameren Corporation has announced an agreement by which the company ‘Ameren’ is going to acquire and after the construction, the 200 megawatt Huck Finn Solar Project and this deal has been subject to the closing conditions, which is also including the regulatory approvals.

Huck Finn Solar, which is developed by EDF Renewables is also expected for creating over 250 jobs at the peak construction and once operational, the project is also expected to generate over 14 million dollars in the revenue for the local communities in the region. This new energy generation is going to provide help to Ameren Missouri for meeting its goal of the net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2045 along with providing new clean energy options for the purpose of helping the customers meeting their goals of clean energy.

Eric Spigelman, director of origination and power marketing at EDF Renewables said, the company ‘EDF Renewables’ has been pleased to partner again with Ameren for providing help to the company execute on the transition to the clean forms of power generation and the shares of Ameren in their mission for delivering the affordable, reliable and clean energy and also growing the economy at the same time.

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Mark Birk, president and chairman of Ameren Missouri said, the solar energy generation has been good for all their customers because it is providing the clean electricity, along with creating the economic opportunity and also investing millions of dollars into the community over the project.


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