Semtive USA Launched Wind System That Reduce Costs And Improves ROI Of Renewable Energy

Power & Energy

Semtive USA Inc. has introduced the Nemoi M wind turbine system, which is a vertical wind energy solution that has been radically lowering the cost of the renewable energy for the homes and commercial entities.

Generating the clean energy for a highly competitive and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) as less as 0.01 dollar per kilowatt hour, and the Nemoi M can possibly be installed as a standalone system and also for optimizing the solar and energy storage as a part of a hybrid renewable energy system.

The Nemoi wind turbine system has been generating the clean energy for the consumers for as low as 0.01 dollar per kWh. The Nemoi M has been including the Trinity Energy Management Interface (EMI), which is an advanced inverter and the energy management solution that is easily integrating the wind, solar and energy storage resources for the purpose of taking advantage of the natural operating windows and offsetting the loads during the highest demand times when the prices of electricity have been at their highest.

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LCOE has been defined as the total cost of an energy system over the company’s useful life and has been divided by the total production of the energy and the estimated LCOE Semtive has been based on the installed cost of the complete turbine system by using the average labor costs for the installation of renewable energy in the United States.


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