IGS Partnered With CubicAcres To Deliver Vertical Farm Technology To East Coast USA

Agriculture Technology

The Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), an indoor agritech specialist has partnered with the CubicAcres based in Long Island which is going to see growth in the expansion if its commercial operations for the purpose of delivering the high quality and sustainably grown crops for the consumption on the East Coast of the United States.

Ryan McGann, founder of CubicAcres has been planning to initially using the vertical farming technology of IGS for glowing the salad crops such as the Romaine lettuce for selling into the thriving the food service and retail sectors in the New York city.

The company ‘IGS’ has been appointed for deploying eight of the company’s Growth Tower structure within a qualified opportunity zone on the Long Island in the region of New York. This new farm is going to be giving the CubicAcres a precision-controlled indoor ecosystem that highly been flexible along with scalable and is also requiring no arable land along with brining the investment and new jobs to the region.

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As the company is growing close to end-users is going to be allowing the CubicAcres for the purpose of serving a large market, which is increasingly demanding the access to nutritious, along with the high-quality that has been produced year-round. The food mile are also kept to a minimum and the crops can possibly be harvested every day before being delivered the fresh without any pesticides.

David Farquhar, chief executive at IGS said, the team of CubicAcres is combining a real knowledge and experience of growing in a controlled indoor environment along with a passion for embracing the latest technology for the purpose of delivering the real-world solutions.