Tata Chemicals Europe Open Biggest Carbon Capture Plant In England

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Tata Chemicals Europe has officially opened the first industrial-scale carbon capture and usage plant of the United Kingdom, which has been signalling a key milestone in the race for the purpose of meeting the net-zero targets of the United Kingdom and the investment deal has been aggregated to 20 million pounds.

The plant has been capturing 40,000 tonnes of the carbon dioxide every year, which is going to be equivalent for taking more than 20,000 cars off the roads and decreasing the carbon emission of the company by more than 10 percent.

The company said in a statement that, the project is going to help in unlocking the future of the carbon capture in the United Kingdom as it has been demonstrating the viability of the technology for removing the carbon dioxide from the emissions of power plant and using it in the applications of manufacturing.

The company has also notified that, the carbon dioxide captured from the emissions of the generation of energy is being purified to the pharmaceutical and food grade and used as a raw material in the manufacturing of the sodium bicarbonate that is also known as Ecokarb.

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The company also said that, this innovative and unique process has been patented in the United Kingdom along with the future patents pending in the main territories across the world. Martin Ashcroft, managing director of Tata Chemicals Europe said, the completion of the carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) demonstration plant has been enabling them for decreasing their carbon emissions.


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