Report: Daimler Trucks To Achieve 10% Return On Sales By 2025


The company ‘Daimler Trucks’ said, it is aiming to achieve a minimum return of 10 percent on the sales in its industrial businesses by the year 2025, which is depending on the market environment. The main aim of the company is going to accelerate the development of the vehicles along with the battery and powertrains based on fuel cells under the company’s own steam and strategically with the chosen partnerships.

According to the company, the local emission-free commercial vehicles have been expected to account for around 60 percent of the sales of Daimler Truck and from the year 2039, the company is only wanting to offer the vehicles in the regions including Japan, Europe and North America that are carbon dioxide neutral when it is driven.

Joe Kaeser, chairman of supervisory said, now, the task has been to master the operational challenges of the present as they have been keeping a firm eye on the opportunities for the sustainable value creation in the future. The company also assumes that, the overall macroeconomic conditions continue for being comparatively more favourable for the global demand for the commercial vehicles in the year 2022.

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The company is also expecting the unit sales of between 500,000 to 520,000 and the revenue on the group level although, the demand for the products and services have remain strong and there are no signs of slow improvements in the supply chain of the company.


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