European Commission Wants To Cut Use Of Pesticides By 50%


The European Commission is wanting to cut the use of the chemical pesticides by 50 percent by 2030 as a part of the European Commission’s latest plan on the biodiversity and sustainability. The announcement of the European Union institution, which is a piece of the commission’s ambitious Farm to Fork strategy and is aiming to make food systems more healthy and environmental friendly.

The European Commission said, it does not want to outright banning the use of the chemical pesticides, although, in spite of the fact that, the proposed 50 percent target is going to legally bind for the member nations of the European Union.

Frans Timmermans, the commissioner in charge of the Green Deal of the Bloc said, under the proposals there are going to be a complete end to the use of the chemical pesticides in some of the public areas.

He said that, by 2030, half of the chemical pesticides should possibly be replaced by the alternatives along with the practices such as the crop rotation and technologies such as precision farming and they are also proposing to prohibit all the use of the pesticides in the sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, playgrounds and parks.

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The member nations of the European Union will have to submit regular reports on the progress as a part of the new regime and the European Funds are also going to be available for over upcoming five years for covering the cost of any new requirements.


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