Artisan Brand of Dr Schar Gets Kosher Recognition

Consumer Goods

Artisan Baker bread range of Dr Schar USA has now received kosher certification under the Orthodox Union (OU), which has been validating the highest standards of the food standards and kosher certification.

The Orthodox Union, based in New York, USA, has been the largest and most widely recognized Kosher certification agency in the world and is now certifying more than 1 million products produced in over 13,000 plants that are located in around 105 countries across the world.

The OUK symbol is going to appear on the Artisan Baker White, Multigrain and 10 Grains and Seeds sliced breads and has been standing as a guarantee to the consumers that, each item including each and every ingredient and its production for adhering to the requirements of Kosher.

Margot Gunther, marketing director of Dr Schar USA said, they are very excited and proud that, their Schar gluten-free Artisan Baker Breads and they are now available to the community of Kosher. Margot Gunther said, the Orthodox Union Kosher symbol has been one of the most recognizable emblems and the OU symbol has featured on their packaging highlighting their commitment to the inclusion and quality.

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Margot Gunther added that, through their commitment to the nutrition, quality and research and development, they are now striving to become the gold standard of the gluten free products.


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