High Fibre Super Barley Launched In Europe

Consumer Goods

Teijin Limited, a Japanese company has partnered with Emilio Pena SA (EPSA), a distributor of Spain for the purpose of selling the highly nutritious BARLEYmax, which has been punching in with 15 times more dietary fibre than the rolled barley.

The super barley had been developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), national science agency of Australia. The company ‘Teigin’ has now acquired the exclusive sales rights of the region of Asia for BARLEYmax in the year 2020 and is also developing the business in the markets along with great growth potential.

The technology driven company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan has been focused on the enhancement to the quality of life by providing the people with the functional foods under the healthcare subsidiary of the company. It has also been involved in the fields of the environmental value along with the safety, security, demographic change, disaster mitigation and increased health consciousness.

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According to the company, the barley can possibly be used in place of the conventional barley particularly in the cereals and bread but the super barley comes with 15 time the dietary fibre than the rolled barley and 40 times more than the white rice.

The company also said that, the super barley has been increasingly being adopted for use in the breads, cereals in the country of Japan and several other parts of Asia and has also begin gaining attention in Australia and the United States.


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