Cizzle Biotechnology Announced Partnership With Behnke Group To Enhance Market Presence In US

Biotechnology Business

Cizzle Biotechnology Holdings PLC, which is a diagnostics developer based in the United Kingdom, is very happy for announcing that, it has now entered into an agreement along with the Behnke Group, which is a healthcare consulting company based in Texas, US with having decades of experience collaborating with the healthcare organizations across the United States and abroad.

This new partnership is going to be building on the announcement of Cizzle Biotechnology on 6th May 2022 that, it had now signed a heads of terms for partnering with CorePath Laboratories, which is a full service reference laboratory for developing and offering the proprietary early-stage lung cancer test through the deal of the company with CorePath. The agreement with them has been designed for enhancing the expansion of Cizzle Biotechnology into the US markets through the network of connections of Behnke Group in the healthcare industry.

Lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and in part, because of the early-stage lung cancer can also be asymptomatic that is allowing the disease for progressing and resulting in poor survival rates for 5-years.

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Cizzle Biotechnology has been developing a blood test for the early detection of the lung cancer and its technology has been based on the ability for the detection of a stable plasma biomarker, which is a variant of CIZ1 called as CIZ1B.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer