UK: Nestle Cereals Launched Wheat Plan To Aid Agriculture Sustainability

Agriculture Consumer Goods

Nestle Cereals has announced the launch of the Nestle Wheat Plan, which is a sustainable farming initiative through which, the company is forming the partnerships with the wheat farmers of the United Kingdom for supporting the adoption of the regenerative agriculture practices.

By working with the collaborative venture the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) scheme and the wheat farmers of the United Kingdom, the company said that, the Nestle Wheat Plan has been aiming to decrease the impact of the modern farming along with providing help in driving the sustainable wheat sourcing in the United Kingdom.

This has been a part of the commitment of the company for making the breakfast better along with helping them to look after the environment where their wheat is grown. Nestle said that, as a part of the plan, the farmers are supported in striving for making their farming practices much more sustainable.

The company said that, the regenerative farming methods have been decreasing the use of pesticide, along with soil erosion and carbon emissions and simultaneously improving the organic soil matter and biodiversity.

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According to the company, this has been achieved through the practices such as cover cropping which is responsible for protecting the water quality and ensuring the soil is not left bare and is also vulnerable to the erosion, along with the decreased cultivation for keeping the soils healthy and decrease carbon dioxide.


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