Researchers of TU Delft Develop Model for Green and Energy Independent Europe

Power & Energy

The researchers from the ETH Zurich and TU Delft has together developed a model for generating hundreds of ways in which, the energy system of Europe can become green and self-sufficient by the year 2050, and they have also made their results available on an interactive platform for the purpose of providing a clear picture of all the options and trade-offs associated with them.

Currently, Europe is meeting over half of its energy requirements through the imports, that are largely in form of the fossil fuels like oil and gas and it has been followed by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia although, it has now become clear that, this dependency has been endangering not only the climate of Earth but also the security of Europe.

According to a new study by the ETH researchers, using a modelling approach that is exploring the alternative technology options and where they have been best deployed, the study is listing more than 400 cost-effective, self-sufficient and carbon free energy system designs of Europe.

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TU Delft is having all the expertise in-house needed for the purpose of playing an important role in achieving this goal and also accelerating the energy transition along with almost 1000 energy scientists and the TU Delft has been one of the biggest research institutes in the continent of Europe in this field.


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