UK: Ministry of Defence Acquires Government’s First Quantum Computer


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the United Kingdom has acquired the first quantum company of the United Kingdom. The quantum computers can also make very complex calculations extremely quick and their creators say that, they can also solve the problems that the regular computers cannot.

The Ministry of Defence is going to be working with the British company Orca Computing for the purpose of exploring the applications for the quantum technology in the defence and Stephan Till, of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) of MoD has called it a milestone moment.

The computers that are found in most of the homes and workplaces has been responsible for processing the data in bits, which are having a binary value of zero and one, and the quantum computers are using a two-state unit for the data processing that is called as qubit.

The qubit can represent the digits such as one or zero simultaneously through a quantum mechanical process called as superposition, which has been letting the quantum computers to bridge the digits and coping with the uncertainty where the regular computers cannot.

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The experts of quantum computing and several physicists say, this means that, the problems faced by the average computers for years can possibly be solved in a matter of minutes.

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