Schaeffler Launched 4-in-1 Electric Axle Drives


Matthias Zink, chief executive officer of Schaeffler AG said, the global automotive supplier has introduced its new four-in-one electric axle drives and the electric axles have been a key element of their electric mobility strategy.

The new electric axles provide comfort and range because of the innovative thermal management and till now, around three drive components had been assembled in one compact unit. With this so-called four in one electric axle, the company is now going one step further by the integration of the thermal management system and also the electric motor, along with power electronics and transmission into the axle drive.

Another new development has been the electric beam axles for the pick-up trucks and in the future, the company is also going to be supplying the beam axles to the automobile manufacturers specifically in the region of North America.

Dr. Jochen Schroder, head of the E-Mobility business division at Schaeffler said, the thermal management system has a significant influence on the comfort and efficiency of the vehicle and new approach has been the combination of the drive components of a conventional electric axle along with the thermal management system, which had been an independent module in most of the cases till now.

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He also said that, this has been creating a high and integrated and compact complete system, which has been requiring significant less space than the non-integrated solutions and the temperature of the battery is also regulated in a way that, the car can possibly travel further on one battery charge.


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