Facebook, Google and Twitter to Tackle European Union Fines Risks


Google, Facebook and Twitter and several other technology companies is going to have to take the measures for countering the deepfakes and fake accounts on the platforms of the companies or risking the hefty fines under an update code or practice of the European Union.

The European Commission is also expected for publishing the updated code of practice on the disinformation as a part of the European Union’s crackdown against the fake news. Introduced in the year 2018, the voluntary code is now going to become a co-regulation scheme along with the responsibility shared between the regulators and signatories to the code.

The updated code has been spelling out the examples of the manipulative behaviour like the deepfakes and fake accounts which, the signatories is going to have to tackle. The document said, the relevant signatories is going to adopt, implement and reinforcing the clear policies regarding the impermissible manipulative behaviours and practices on the services of the companies based on the latest evidence on the techniques, procedures and conducts and tactics that are employed by the malicious actors.

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The deepfakes have been the hyperrealistic forgeries that are created by computer techniques that have been triggered the alarm across the word and in particular when they are used in a political context.

The signatories are also going to have to take measures for tackling the advertising the disinformation and also providing more transparency on the political advertising in the European Union.

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